Dealers and Remitters Publications/Forms

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Booklets, Brochures and Forms

Affidavit for Remittance Agent License RA 6
Application for Additional Sets of Dealer Plates, In-Transit Plates, Identification Card(s) RT DS 43
Application for In-Transit or Repossessor Plates RT DS 27
Application for Replacement of Dealer, Manufacturer, In-Transit or Repossessor License Plates RT DS 36
Bond Affidavit for Remittance Agents RA 17
Buyer's Guide VSD 350
Buyer's Guide - Implied Warranties Only VSD 925
Dealer Certification - Vehicle Information RT DS 49
Dealer Handbook SOS DOP 66
Dealer License Application VSD 324
Dealer Recovery Trust Fund Affirmation VSD 866
Dealer/Remitter/Currency Exchange Forms Request RT OPR 48
Designated Agent Bond for Illinois Vehicle Dealers RT DS 47
Exhibition Permit Application VSD 335
Illinois Laws - Regulations for Vehicle Dealers RT DS 21
Instructions for Dealer License VSD 659
Instructions for Repairer, Rebuilder, Automotive Parts Recycler, Scrap Processor, Vehicle Auctioneer UDL License VSD 690
Motor Vehicle Financing Affiliate VSD 615
New Design TRP Training for Dealers VSD 955
New Design TRP Training for Remitters and Currencies VSD 956
Notice of Proper Zoning VSD 481
Off Site Sale Permit Application VSD 367
Out of State Salvage Vehicle Buyer Application RT DS 50
Remittance Agent's Bond RA 3
Remittance Agent License Application RA 4
Renewal Application Instructions RT DS 29
Repairer, Rebuilder, Automotive Parts Recycler, Scrap Processor or Auctioneer Application RT DS 38
Dealer TRP & Permit System Registration VSD 935
Uniform Invoice For Vehicles/Essential Parts VSD 238

Dealers and Remitters Bulletin

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