Limited Liability Partnership Publications/Forms

Forms on this website are PDF forms with fillable fields. The forms should be downloaded to your computer before filling in the fields. The form should be opened and completed in Adobe Acrobat Reader (DC) for the best result. Web browsers don't support all the features of a fillable PDF form. Read More

Requests for expedited service must be made in person, not by mail in the Department's Springfield or Chicago office. N/A means this service is not available as an expedited service.

Please note that the expedited fee amounts are in addition to the applicable filing fees, franchise taxes, penalties and interest.

Fee Expedited Fee
in addition to fee
Certificate of Existence, No Record, Fact, Abstract $25 $20
Photocopy/Certified Copy $25 $50
EOA 205 Statement of Conversion $100 $200
EOA 305 Statement of Domestication $100 $200
EOA 204/304 Statement of Conversion/Domestication Abandonment $100 $200
LLP 4 LLC Request Form for Certificate of Good Standing and/or Copies of Documents
UPA 303 Statement of Partnership Authority $25 $50
UPA 304 Statement of Denial $25 $50
UPA 704 Statement of Dissociation $25 $50
UPA 805 Statement of Dissolution $100 $50
UPA 907 LLP/LP Statement of Merger $100 $200
UPA 908 LLP/LLC Statement of Merger $100 $200
UPA 1001 Statement of Qualification
To form a new Domestic LLP, use form UPA 1001
min of $200
UPA 1001(e)/
Statement of Withdrawal of Limited Liability Partnership Status $100 $50
UPA 1001(h)/
Statement of Amendment $25 $50
UPA 1003(D) Renewal Statement of Domestic Limited Liability Partnership $50
UPA 1003(F) Renewal Statement of Foreign Limited Liability Partnership $300 $50
UPA 1004 Application for Reinstatement $200 $100
UPA 1005/1106 Resignation of Registered Agent $25 $50
UPA 1102 Statement of Foreign Qualification $500 $100
UPA 1103 Affidavit of Compliance for Service on Secretary of State $25 $50