News 2000


December 18, 2000
Motorists Reminded of December Sticker Deadline

December 14, 2000
Offices to Close for Christmas and New Year's

December 11, 2000
New, Smaller Plate Renewal Stickers Coming to Illinois Cars in January

December 11, 2000
White Awards License Plate Sticker Contract to Belleville Facility

December 6, 2000
White Awards $1.64 Million for Innovative Local Library Initiatives

December 6, 2000
White Awards Grants Allowing Libraries to Purchase New Books


November 28, 2000
White Says Vendor Fairs Generate Record Number of Assistive Technology Grant Applications

November 21, 2000
Motorists Reminded of November Sticker Deadline

November 17, 2000
Secretary White Announces Two Scam Artists Sentenced for Securities Fraud in Two Separate Cases

November 11, 2000
White Awards Silver Star License Plates At Veterans' Day Ceremony

November 9, 2000
Secretary White Premiers New Organ Donor Commercial In Conjunction with National Donor Sabbath

November 9, 2000
Offices to Close for Thanksgiving

November 3, 2000
Illinois Authors Book Fair Will Showcase Children's Authors

November 2, 2000
White Encourages Participation In Family Reading Night Nov. 16


October 31, 2000
New License Plates Are Leading To New Technology & Improved Service

October 30, 2000
Secretary White Announces Health Literacy Program

October 27, 2000
Offices to Close for General Election and Veterans' Days

October 20, 2000
Motorists Reminded of October Sticker Deadline

October 20, 2000
Toby Tire School Bus Safety Program Hits the Mark with Kids in K-3

October 16, 2000
White Asks Drivers to Observe School Bus Safety Week by Using Extra Caution Around Buses and School Zones

October 4, 2000
White Awards Library Training Grants to 15 Illinois Students


September 25, 2000
Offices to Close for Columbus Day

September 25, 2000
White Awards $13.3 Million in Public Library Grants

September 20, 2000
Secretary White Announces Re-Testing of Almost 500 Drivers

September 19, 2000
Secretary White Announces Illinois & Michigan Canal License Plates

September 19, 2000
White Awards $80,000 to Joliet Community in Literacy Grants

September 18, 2000
Motorists Reminded of September Sticker Deadline

September 18, 2000
White Awards $7.6 Million During Literacy Month

September 15, 2000
Secretary of State's Office to Participate at Farm Progress Show

September 14, 2000
Secretary White Joins Illinois Author on Book Tour

September 13, 2000
White Announces Public Hearing to Discuss
Areas Without Public Library Service

September 11, 2000
White Announces Winners at 51st Annual Auto Show


August 31, 2000
White Proposes Jail Sentences & Impoundment Measures for Driving on a Suspended License;
Enhanced Penalties for Driving Under the Extreme Influence of Alcohol

August 28, 2000
Stockton Man Found Guilty on Federal Fraud Charges

August 28, 2000
Mattoon Man and Associates of Omega Trust & Trading, Ltd. Charged with $12.5 Million International Fraud, Money Laundering Conspiracy

August 28, 2000
White Announces Return of Historic Documents

August 24, 2000
United States Attorney Announces Indictment in Twelve Million Dollar Fraud Scheme

August 22, 2000
Offices to Close for Labor Day

August 22, 2000
Motorists Reminded of August Sticker Deadline

August 9, 2000
Jesse White Unveils New Organ Donor License Plate


July 21, 2000
Washington Exhibit to Open Extended Run at State Library

July 20, 2000
White to Award $500,000 in Library Grants for Assistive Technology

July 19, 2000
Motorists Reminded of July Sticker Deadline

July 14, 2000
White Awards More Than $640,000 in Grants to 16 Illinois Libraries

July 13, 2000
State Library Wins Notable Documents Award


June 28, 2000
Secretary of State Extends Vehicle Registration Deadline to July 14

June 21, 2000
Offices to Close for Independence Day

June 19, 2000
White to Host 30th Anniversary Discussion of State Constitution

June 19, 2000
Secretary of State's Auto Show Celebrates 51st Anniversary September 9th

June 16, 2000
Hours Extended for Vehicle Sticker Sales

June 16, 2000
Secretary White to Lead State Library Anniversary Celebration

June 14, 2000
Secretary White Pleased with New Law Gives More Protection to Investors

June 5, 2000
New Law Allows Secretary Of State to Track Court Supervisions

June 2, 2000
Secretary Of State's Business Services Department Goes Online

June 1, 2000
White Announces Crackdown on Promissory Note Fraud


May 25, 2000
White Appoints Commercial Real Estate Review Panel

May 22, 2000
White to Award Contract with Rockford Abilities Center

May 22, 2000
White Honors Rockford Students for Saving School Bus

May 22, 2000
Secretary White Urges Parents to Buckle Up Their Kids During Buckle Up America Week

May 19, 2000
Secretary White Honors Fallen Firefighters

May 19, 2000
White Awards Students and Tutors for Literacy Achievements

May 15, 2000
Offices to Close for Memorial Day

May 15, 2000
Motorists Reminded of May Sticker Deadline

May 15, 2000
White Announces Literacy Grant Funding in Honor of Senator Penny Severns

May 11, 2000
White Awards $1 Million in Grants to Libraries

May 1, 2000
White Inducted Into Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame


April 20, 2000
Jesse White Names Former U.S. Attorney for New Inspector General

April 19, 2000
Motorists Reminded of April Sticker Deadline

April 19, 2000
Students Receive Awards for Best Organ Donor Posters

April 14, 2000
Secretary White Leads Organ Donor Week Activities

April 10, 2000
White's Appointments Give Inspector General's Office More Resources to Root Out Corruption

April 5, 2000
$2.25 Million Fund Available to Some Illinois Residents in Securities Settlement

April 4, 2000
White Awards More Than $1.3 Million to Public School Districts

April 3, 2000
Secretary White Encourages Participation in National Savings & Investing in April


March 29, 2000
Secretary of State White to Lead Library Advocacy Rally

March 27, 2000
White Awards $1.5 Million in Library Mini - Grants

March 27, 2000
White Releases Annual Report

March 24, 2000
Centralized Court Supervision Database Gains Senate Approval

March 17, 2000
Students Participate in 1st Annual Capitol Forum on America's Future

March 17, 2000
Motorists Reminded of March Sticker Deadline

March 10, 2000
Educate & Automate Grants Strengthen Library Technology

March 7, 2000
White Selects Nine Public Libraries to Host New Mentoring Program

March 6, 2000
Secretary of State Partners with Federal Officials to Crack Down on Business Scam Artists


February 29, 2000
Senior Citizens May Be Eligible For Vehicle License Discount Card

February 24, 2000
White: Record Number Used Archives in 1999

February 23, 2000
Illinois Senate Agrees to Non-Expiring Identification Cards for Senior Citizens

February 17, 2000
Motorists Reminded of February Sticker Deadline

February 15, 2000
Accountant Indicted for Defrauding a Disabled Woman of $70,000

February 14, 2000
2001 Passenger Car Renewal Stickers Available at Illinois Financial Institutions

February 10, 2000
Secretary White Reminds Parents to Be Safe & Buckle Up Their Kids During Child Passenger Safety Week

February 2, 2000
White Awards More Than $4 Million in Library Construction Grants

February 2, 2000
Offices to Close for Lincoln's, Washington's Birthdays

February 1, 2000
White Names David Grossman as New Inspector General


January 26, 2000
Senate Committee Approves Legislation to Centralize Court Supervision Records

January 18, 2000
Secretary White Announces Grants to Draw Teens to Libraries

January 18, 2000
White Awards More Than $800,000 in Library Grants

January 18, 2000
Motorists Reminded of January Sticker Deadline

January 12, 2000
Husband & Wife Pled Guilty to Defrauding Investors of Over $600,000

January 5, 2000
Offices to Close for Martin Luther King Day