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The Illinois Lobbyist Registration Act now requires each person registered as a lobbyist to complete two distinct responsibilities that shall only be performed by the lobbyist and not by an authorized agent of his or her employer, a co-worker or a legal or accounting professional. Those responsibilities are:

Ethics Training
Each year, within 30 days after registration, each lobbyist must complete a review of certain laws that regulate lobbyists and their relationships with state officials and state employees. The training informs the lobbyist of registration and expenditure reporting requirements pursuant to the Lobbyist Registration Act, as well as information that affects lobbyists in, but not limited to, the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act, the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act, and the Procurement Code.

Affirmation of Expenditures Reported
Each lobbyist must submit an affirmation which certifies that expenditures previously reported to the Secretary of State are accurate as those reports pertain to the expenditures made by the lobbyist. It is advisable that each lobbyist compare his or her expenditure records to the expenditure reports filed with the Secretary of State prior to entering the Affirmation of Expenditure Report Link.

In order to review expenditure reports Lobbyists may access reports by following the links below:

Go to;
Select Lobbyist Activities;
Select Lobbyist Information Search;
Select Search;
Select Expenditure Report Search;
At this screen, enter the appropriate reporting year, and the name of the lobbyist's employer*;
Select Entity name;

At the Lobbying Entity Registration/Expenditure Information screen, each report and amendment to reports will be available. Review each report to determine whether the expenditure(s) you made as part of your lobbying activities are completely and accurately reported when compared to your records.

If there are discrepancies between your records and the reports filed, you will need to reconcile those differences then have the report(s) amended after which your affirmation should be submitted.

*Lobbyists who are an exclusive lobbyist for more than one registered lobbying entity must complete an affirmation for each lobbying entity using the steps shown above.

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