Macon County Circuit Court Case Files Index, 1829-1861 Illinois State Archives
Compiled by the Illinois Regional Archives Depository System, University of Illinois at Springfield

Entering Search Criteria

Enter the name of the plaintiff or defendant in the format: last name comma space first name space or period middle initial period (for example, Smith, John D. or Smith, Jos.). The first name and middle initial may be omitted to accomplish a surname search. Searches are not case sensitive: you may use any combination of upper and lower case letters.

Keep in mind the following points when entering search criteria:

  • When a case involves multiple plaintiffs or defendants, the names of all parties listed in the case citation were indexed.
  • To get a list of all criminal cases, type the search term PEOPLE in the plaintiff field. The majority of Macon County criminal case files are included in a separate record series, Macon County Circuit Court Case Files, Criminal (IRAD 4/0199/01). Although IRAD has criminal case files for Macon County dating from 1829 to 1904, we do not currently have an index to these files. Researchers should contact the circuit clerk's office in Macon County for a search of the index to the criminal case files.
  • The plaintiff or defendant name can be a business or organization. To search for cases involving a particular business or organization, enter the name of the business or organization in the appropriate search field. For example, to get a list of cases involving the Illinois Central RR Co., enter that name in the plaintiff or defendant field.
  • If you cannot find a person for whom you believe there is a case file, try broadening your search by entering only a portion of the surname (e.g., John instead of Johnson) or by typing variations of the spelling of a surname (such as Johnson and Johnsen).

More information about how to obtain copies of the Macon County Circuit Court Case Files Index.