Chicago Police Department Homicide Record Index, 1870-1930 Illinois State Archives
Compiled by the Illinois Regional Archives Depository System, Northeastern Illinois University

Entering Search Criteria

Enter the name of the decedent in the format: last name comma space first name space middle initial period (for example, Smith, John D.). The first name and middle initial may be omitted to accomplish a surname search. Searches are not case sensitive: you may use any combination of upper and lower case letters.

Keep in mind the following points when entering search criteria:

  • If you cannot find a person for whom you believe there should be an entry in the homicide record, use your browser's Find feature to locate a homicide for which you have a specific date.
  • If you cannot find a person for whom you believe there was an inquest, try broadening your search by entering only a portion of the surname (e.g., John instead of Johnson) or by typing variations of the spelling of a surname (such as Johnson and Johnsen).

More information about how to obtain copies of entries found in the Chicago Homicide Records.