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Any walk-in visitors will be turned away with no exception. Please call 217-782-5354 for any questions pertaining to new or renewal applications for dealers or remittance agents.
Effective 2020 the Temporary Registration Plates (TRPs) will look and be processed differently.
More updates on that to follow. However, the Secretary of State Office would like to inform you now of these upcoming changes:
  • All TRPs should be issued through the Electronic Registration Titling application process
  • All TRPs will be packaged in bundles of 25
  • Each user of the TRP system will be assigned a User ID #
  • This number will be generated by the Secretary of State Office
  • This number will be used to assign bundles of the TRPs to appropriate users. If the issuing agent has multiple users that issue TRPs this system will allow the Secretary of State Office to monitor skipped or unaccounted TRPs
  • Upon the issuing agent receiving the TRPs the super user in charge of the stock management will then assign said TRP to the user ID#
  • That user will then only issue TRP from his/her assigned inventory
With these changes coming now would be a good time for the Super User to update any person that has access to issue a TRP.
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