Mileage Weight Tax Reporting FAQ Commercial and Farm Trucks

Mileage Tax Registration allows reduced fees depending on the weight of the vehicle and the number of miles operated. Illinois law allows these vehicles to be operated in Illinois for a limited number of miles, and operators are charged less registration fees than those of long-distance carriers. Mileage Tax Registration does not allow out-of-state operation. There is no restriction on the load and a $500 surety bond is required.

Mileage Tax Registration is binding for the fiscal year. Therefore, reclassing to a Flat Weight Tax Registration is not permitted during the effective year. Mileage Tax registration may be upgraded to a higher weight during the registration year. Additional fees will apply.

Because of mileage requirements, vehicles with a Mileage Tax Registration must have working odometers. Trailers are required to have hub-o-meters. Mileage Tax Registrations are subject to suspension or revocation for failure to report mileage, as well as operating vehicles with disconnected or broken odometers or hub-o-meters.

The combined gross weight of a vehicle will determine the number of miles allowed to be driven and the fees assessed. Because of the bonding requirements, Mileage Tax plates are only available at the Commercial and Farm Truck Division, 501 S. Second St., Room 300, Springfield.

Surety bonds of $500 per Mileage Tax plate are required by the Secretary of State's office as a guarantee of payment of excess fees. The bonds must be from surety companies approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance. (Schedule Bond CFT IT 8.4)

At this time, we will not require a USDOT# for Mileage Tax Registrations. Rules and regulations are being reviewed and may be mandated by the United States Department of Transportation at a future period. You may need a USDOT# to comply with the UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) requirements if the commodity you are carrying is taken out of state after your initial delivery. Please contact the Illinois Commerce Commission for information.

What is required to get Mileage Plates?
Each vehicle displaying Mileage plates must be covered by a $500 Second Division Motor Vehicle Surety Bond issued by an approved Bonding Company. The Bond must be in the name of the registrant and have the VIN of the vehicle covered listed. The Bond must cover the registration year to the expiration of June 30. Each vehicle must have a working odometer (trailers must be equipped with a hubometer). Each file, when created by the Commercial & Farm Truck Division in Springfield, or at other times during the course of the registration, must have a signed Mileage Weight Tax Instructions and Certification on file affirming that all applicable rules will be followed or the plates will be revoked according to Illinois Statute.

What is a Mileage Certification form?
This form (CFT MT 14A) outlines all required information for the issuance and operations on a Mileage Weight Tax Registration plate. The signature certifies that the applicant/registrant understands their responsibility, maintains the proper records, have a working odometer at all times and will be responsible for any excess mileage fees, should they be due to the State of Illinois.

Why aren't Mileage Weight plates allowed to operate outside of Illinois?
Mileage Weight plates are prohibited by statute from operating outside of Illinois. (625 ILCS 5/3-818). Also, due to their restrictive nature and the rules of reciprocity adopted by most jurisdictions or defined under the International Registration Plan (IRP).

Am I subject to audits for having Mileage Weight Tax Registrations?
Yes. Periodic audits are conducted to insure that proper records are being kept and fuel consumption is being recorded as required by statute. Audits may detect non-working odometers which are enforced by the loss of the mileage plates. Additional audits or record review follow-ups may also be conducted within a specified time frame following an audit to insure that the applicant is following the proper procedures. An agreement on the terms of any follow-ups will be filed when determined that it is necessary.

Can mileage plates be transferred to another vehicle? Can the plates be replaced if lost? Can the plates be changed to a higher/lower weight during the registration year?
Mileage plates can be transferred to other vehicles within the same ownership like any other plate. The ending odometer reading of the old vehicle is required as well as the beginning odometer reading of the new vehicle. If the plate is lost or stolen, it may be replaced with a new number or the same number at the option of the registrant. Mileage plates may only be upgraded to a higher weight during any registration year. They may not be downgraded except at renewal time.

If Mileage plates are issued to my vehicle and I want to change to another plate category, can I drop the weight on Mileage plates?
No, Mileage Weight plates are binding for the entire registration year and cannot be switched to another plate category until expired. If you sell your vehicle any time during the year and want to switch to another plate for a new vehicle, you must purchase the plate for the new vehicle in the desired category AND give the ending odometer reading upon the sale of the old vehicle. This is also true of transfers and odometer replacements.

The odometer on the vehicle is broken, must I replace it?
To continue operations of the vehicle under the Mileage Weight Tax Registration, a working odometer is required by law. The ending reading of the odometer that is broken must be given and the beginning reading of the new odometer replacing the broken one is required to be filed immediately upon replacement. If the vehicle is found operating with the broken odometer, law enforcement is given the authority to remove the plate immediately and force the vehicle to be registered with flat weight tax plates. There is no refund or credit for fees paid for the mileage plate if found on a non-working odometer vehicle.

Where can I get Mileage Weight Tax Registration plates? Where can I renew the Mileage plates?
Initial or first time issuance of the plates is only done by the Commercial & Farm Truck Division in Springfield. Annual renewal stickers are sold by Springfield Commercial & Farm Truck Division, Carbondale and Joliet facilities. Replacement plates or cards may be processed by most facilities but the plate issuance will come from the Commercial & Farm Truck Division in Springfield via US mail. For renewal, the bond must be filed with the renewal application to be accepted for processing. For renewals of vehicles at or above 55,000 pounds, the FORM 2290, Schedule1 for the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax must be paid or suspended as filed with the IRS. Similar to all other registrations at that weight, the stamped current year form is required. This will be noted on the renewal notice.

This Web site is provided for authorized companies to expedite the processing of their Mileage Weight Tax Registration reporting. Unauthorized access or use is prohibited. Accuracy is the responsibility of the person entering the required information into this system. Failure to adequately ensure that proper information is provided is not the responsibility of the Office of the Secretary of State of Illinois, the Vehicle Services Department, the Commercial and Farm Truck Division or the Farm and Mileage Section. All fees that may be generated are based upon information herein provided by you. System safeguards are in place to prevent improper or unacceptable information.