About the Merit Commission Merit Commission

The Secretary of State Merit Commission was established on July 1, 1977, by the enactment of the Merit Employment Code. The most frequently used powers and duties given to the commission by the Merit Employment Code are: (a) to exempt statutorily defined positions from Jurisdiction B of the Code; (b) to require special reports from the Director of Personnel; (c) to make rules; (d) to make an annual report to the Secretary of State; (e) to hear appeals of employees regarding their position allocations; (f) to hear appleals of certain disciplinary actions taken against employees; (g) to hear appeals of geographical transfers; (h) to hear appeals of employees who have been laid off; (i) to hear appeals of demotions; (j) to disapprove unsatisfactory position classifications; (k) to disapprove unsatisfactory personnel rules; and (l) to direct compliance with the Merit Employment Code if any violations of the Code are discovered.

Members of the Merit Commission are appointed by the Secretary of State, with the advice and consent of the Senate, to serve staggered six-year terms. Each member must be a person in sympathy with the application of merit principles to public employment, and no more than three members may be affiliated with the same political party. In July of odd-numbered years, the Secretary of State appoints one of the members to chair the commission for a two-year term.

Members of the Merit Commission

Richard F. Pellegrino, Administrator/ Chairman Designee
Term expires June 30, 2019
James Taylor
Term expires June 30, 2024
Michael Masterson
Term expires June 30, 2021
Edward C. Pacilli
Term expires November 7, 2019
Judith Myers
Term expires November 7, 2019