Lesson 1: Answers Illinois State Library

1. How are literacy initiatives funded in Illinois?
Literacy initiatives in Illinois are primarily funded through three state agencies. They are the Secretary of State/Illinois State Library's Literacy Office and the Illinois Community College Board. These agencies work together by providing financial support to literacy programs as well as creating a network of program support through professional development opportunities and resources.

2. How many different types of literacy programs are offered in the state of Illinois?
The state agencies work together to offer complementary services to literacy and adult education students. These agencies recognize the diverse populations served in Illinois and tailor multiple program opportunities to meet their needs. Adults can be served through literacy volunteer tutors, through courses in basic skills development, through GED courses or tutoring in English as a Second Language. Furthermore, in order to promote literacy skills in children of at-risk families, the state partners provide family literacy programs that help support emergent literacy in the children of low literate adults or non-English speaking adults.