Illinois Library Service Areas Map Illinois State Library

The interactive map of library service areas in Illinois was developed by the Illinois State Library in partnership with the Illinois Department of Revenue. The map features multiple layers, including library service areas, school districts and city boundaries. The map allows users to have an interactive view of library service areas as well as the ability to determine non-resident services.

Service Area Corrections

The library service area boundaries indicated on the map are compiled from information submitted to the Illinois Department of Revenue by county clerks. Libraries are encouraged to carefully inspect their service area boundaries.

If boundary inaccuracies are discovered, libraries should alert the county clerk where the property exists, not the State Library or the Department of Revenue. Include in your contact with the county clerk any documentation that you can provide.

Public Library Non-resident Services

The map allows users to search by address to determine if a property or residence is located within a library service area. If a resident lives in an un-served area, the map has the ability to provide the school district data, the nearest library service area as well as the nearest library building for the designated address.

The Illinois Administrative Rules state that non-residents shall apply for a non-resident card from the participating public library within the school district the resident resides unless due to the commonality of community interests, library services at another library that is physically closer may better serve the needs of the non-resident.

If there are two or more public libraries located within the non-residents school district, it is up to those public libraries in conjunction with the regional library system to determine the appropriate library service area for the non-resident to obtain a library card.

If there is no public library located within the school district of the non-resident, the regional library system in participation with libraries in the general area will determine the appropriate library to issue the non-resident card. The factor to determine this non-resident service area shall be the commonality of community interests that influence the activities of all the residents of the service area.

To view the rules regarding non-resident services see Ill. Adm. Code 3050.

Viewing the Map

To view the Illinois Library Service Areas Map, click on the link provided below:


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Disclaimer: The Illinois State Library, Illinois Department of Revenue and State of Illinois give notice that the map and the data included, lack the accuracy required for site-specific uses. All of the boundaries and data incorporated in the map are based on information derived from sources outside the Illinois State Library and the Illinois Department of Revenue, and make no representation, guarantee or warranty, either expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy of these maps or the data furnished thereon.