Library Data Entry Guidelines Illinois State Library

  1. Accuracy is of the utmost importance. Do not use fictitious or 'inaccurate placeholder' information in any fields.
  2. Always include a prefix when adding or updating an individual. (e.g., Ms. Pat Smith)
  3. Always include the complete ZIP code (ZIP+4). If unsure about the ZIP+4, use the ZIP Code Lookup provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS).
  4. Do not repeat the agency name in the building name field unless the building name is different (e.g., Illinois State Library is the agency name; Gwendolyn Brooks Building is the building name).
  5. All words should be spelled out, except for the following address exceptions:
    1. Exception: Building numbers - Use numerical figures for house and building numbers (e.g., 234 Elm).
    2. Exception: Numbers that are street names should be written as follows:
      1. Spell out the street numbers 1 through 10 (e.g., 177 Second Avenue)
      2. Use figures for street numbers over 10 (e.g., 144 65th Street)
    3. Exception: When a compass point appears after a street name for a section of a city, abbreviate compound directions (e.g., 817 Peach Street, NE).
  6. School districts only: The '99' record is for each public school district superintendent's office only. Do not modify the address of the '99' record to reflect a different address where the district librarian may actually be located.