Libraries Very Interested in Sharing Illinois State Library

Libraries Very Interested in Sharing (LVIS) represents the first global OCLC no charge Resource Sharing Group agreement. LVIS, which was established in 1993, began out of a shared goal of the Illinois State Library and the Missouri Library Network Corporation (MLNC) to encourage and provide greater opportunities for no charge resource sharing throughout the midwest region. During the first year, LVIS members included over 200 multi type libraries in Illinois and Missouri. There are now over 2,700 members, worldwide.

LVIS Member Listing

The LVIS member listing is provided for the convenience of LVIS group members. If there is a question regarding membership in the LVIS group, please consult OCLC's Policies Directory and look under Group Affiliations.

If you have questions regarding the above LVIS member list, please call 217-785-1532 or email

Participation in LVIS

To participate in LVIS, a library must agree to comply with the following resource sharing arrangement:

  1. Set holdings in WorldCat.
  2. Maintain supplier status in WorldCat ILL.
  3. Commit to resource sharing with all LVIS members.
  4. Provide loans of all circulating (returnable) items to LVIS members at no charge.
  5. Provide electronic copies, if possible.
  6. Provide photocopies for a maximum of 30 pages per bibliographic citation to LVIS members at no charge. (A cost recovery charge for photocopies exceeding the 30 pages limit is permissible and may be determined by the library.)

Benefits of LVIS Membership

Access to LVIS Data

LVIS participants access the groups holdings via OCLC WorldCat.

Joining LVIS

There is no charge to join LVIS. You may complete the LVIS Participation Agreement Form and return it via email as a PDF attachment to or You may also fax the completed form to 217-782-6062.

For more information about LVIS, please call 217-785-1532 or email or