The Interlibrary Cooperation Consultant Projects of the 1970s resulted in a wide array of cooperative efforts, one of the Illinois State Library’s most important issues of that decade. The library’s master plan on inter library cooperation reflected many State Library activities in the decade.

The list of cooperative efforts, taken from the June 1980 issue of Illinois Libraries, includes:

  • Centralized purchase of supplies.
  • Children’s services and school services liaisons.
  • Clearinghouse activities.
  • Communications, including teletype.
  • Computer-assisted reference service.
  • Consultant services for all types of libraries.
  • Cooperative collection development planning.
  • Coordinated continuing education projects.
  • Coordinated public relations and publicity efforts.
  • Courier and delivery services.
  • Film and filmstrip cooperatives.
  • Idea exchange.
  • Internship programs.
  • Printshop services.
  • Reciprocal borrowing.
  • Resource identification and directories.
  • System newsletters and publications.
  • Union bibliography or local history materials.
  • Union book catalogs.
  • Union list of non-print materials.
  • Union list of serials.