From Illinois Library Extension Commission: Its Activities and Resources, 1919


  • We will advise librarians and trustees upon library problems, either by visits or correspondence.
  • We collect annual statistics of Illinois libraries and will render this information upon request or through our reports.
  • We will make lists of books on special subjects and recommend best purchases for small libraries.
  • We will furnish the A.L.A. Booklet free to all free public libraries with incomes of less than $1,200.
  • We loan books to libraries free of all cost save that of postage.
  • We will aid in re-organizing small libraries. The only expense to the library will be traveling expenses, plus the board and room of the organizer.
  • We furnish to trustees recommendations for librarians and library assistants.
  • We loan books of plans for library buildings and advise with trustees as to best interior arrangement for the most efficient administration.
  • We arrange for Library Institutes in different parts of the state for the purpose of talking over ways and means of extending the influence of the library.


  • Our secretary will visit any community upon request and speak in the interest of establishing a library.
  • We will furnish lists of books for first purchase.
  • We will make lists of necessary supplies and aid in organizing the library upon modern methods.


  • We loan books free, save cost of transportation.
  • We loan books for one, three, or six months.
  • We loan books to any person filing an application card with the Commission.
  • We loan books to small libraries.
  • We loan books on special subjects to Study Clubs.
  • We loan programs or outline new ones for Study Clubs.
  • We loan collections of fifty books to rural communities or small towns without libraries.
  • We loan collections of twenty-five books to rural schools.
  • We compile bibliographies and loan books for debates.
  • We loan forty slides representing the social survey of Springfield, Illinois. The slides are accompanied by a lecture in explanation of the survey.
  • The Illinois Library Extension Commission was created to aid in establishing and developing public libraries throughout the state and by means of its loan collection, to furnish good books to individuals, clubs, and rural communities.

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