Public Awareness

The State Library also continued promoting public awareness of library services in the 1970s, funding several public relations projects. One, the Provision of Intellectual Resources, was held in Chicago on Nov. 7-10, 1973. This conference promoted the right of all citizens to total access to intellectual resources, and the obligation of all agencies to provide such access. The invitational conference stressed “total access to intellectual resources,” proposing to “chart a course of action providing total access” for all Illinois citizens. Participants included citizens of all social backgrounds and resulted in establishment of the Illinois Intellectual Resources Program. A similar, federally funded program in 1976 included regional workshops on Total Access to Intellectual Resources.736

In 1973, the first edition of the Springfield Area Union List of Serials was issued, a record of magazines and periodicals held in Springfield-area libraries used to encourage interlibrary borrowing. The Springfieldarea list followed an in-house serials holding list at the State Library, which had been completed the previous year. Also beginning in 1973, patrons could obtain information on the status of legislative bills. This new service was a reflection of the library’s renewed commitment to state government.737