From the Biennial Report of the Secretary of State to the Governor December 15, 1870

  • Books may be taken from the State Library by the members of the General Assembly and its officers, during the session of the Legislature, and at any time by the Governor, and the officers of the Executive Department of this State, who are required to keep their offices at the seat of government; the Justices of the Supreme Court, and the Attorney General.
  • No person shall be permitted to take or detain from the Library more than two volumes of miscellaneous works at the same time.
  • No miscellaneous work shall be detained more than two weeks. All Laws, Journals, etc. taken by members of the Legislature are to be returned at the close of the session.
  • If any person injures, or fails to return, any book taken from the Library, within the time above mentioned, HE SHALL FORFEIT AND PAY TO THE LIBRARIAN, for the benefit of the Library, THREE TIMES THE VALUE THEREOF, or of the set to which it belongs.
  • Any person not above mentioned, who takes books or other articles from the State Library, without the consent of the Librarian, will be prosecuted for larceny, without distinction of persons.
  • Any person taking books from the State Library without reporting the same to the Librarian, or assistant, and causing the same to be properly charged upon the register, will be prosecuted to the extent of the law.
  • No entry of charges or return of books will be permitted to be made, except by the Librarian or assistant.
  • Persons using books of the Library, will return the same to their proper places, upon penalty of being denied the privileges of the Library.