Technology Grants Illinois State Library

Purpose and Outcomes

Technology Grants offer statewide and regional solutions for economic efficiency and the standardization of services across all communities. These grants include projects such as points of presence on the statewide videoconferencing network, cataloging support for the virtual library catalogs and the statewide courier service that transports library materials between libraries.

The Illinois Secretary of State and Illinois State Library funds Technology Grants that result in the following outcomes:

Range of Awards

Eligible Applicants

Please note that specific offerings may limit eligibility. Eligible applicants include:

  1. Library systems
  2. Selected educational agencies
  3. Local Library System Automation Program (LLSAP) Consortia
  4. Libraries

Application and Reporting Forms

The Technology Grants are currently limited to ongoing statewide programs such as the Illinois Library Delivery Service. Grant applications are being offering in advance of the provision of the state budget for fiscal year (FY) 2020. The Illinois State Library makes these grant applications available so that award notification may be released when legislative and gubernatorial approval of an FY 2020 appropriation is made. Obligations to fund this grant program will cease immediately without penalty or further payment being required if the Illinois General Assembly or the federal funding source fails to appropriate or otherwise make available sufficient funds.

Legal Authority

Projects Awarded

Past Projects


For more information about Technology Grants, please call 217-782-7749 or email