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The School District Library Grant Program is designed to support library media services for each Illinois public school district that has a qualifying school library serving K-12 students. The state legislature has authorized up to $0.885 per pupil expenditure with the minimum award of $850.00. The grant award is based on funds appropriated by the General Assembly and the official enrollment as of the previous September 30th.

Application Guidelines

Grant applications are due annually October 15. To qualify, school districts must submit:

  1. An application that meets the requirements in 23 Ill. Adm. Code 3035.120 and 23 Ill. Adm. Code 3035.135.
  2. The Expenditure Report as described in the Expenditure Report Form section.
  3. Paper copies of the application and the expenditure report form will not be accepted. Email the completed application and expenditure report to

Retain an electronic copy of the application for the school district library's files, which includes the email date/time stamp to prove timely submission. The State Library is not responsible for, nor obligated to fund, a grant application that does not meet the requirements.

If you do not know your school district's control number, you may obtain it from the L2 website. Please note that all School District headquarters should use the number 99 for their branch number.

Application and Instructions

*Please verify your ISBE District Number and School Number in the School Summary Excel spreadsheet annually.

Expenditures Report

FY 2021 grant funds:

FY 2022 grant funds:

FY 2023 grant funds:

Expenditures Report Form

Legal Authority

Program Impact

Grant Recipients


For more information on the School District Library Grant Program, please call 217-524-8836.