Cataloging Maintenance Center Illinois State Library

Purpose and Outcomes

Since 2001, the Cataloging Maintenance Center (CMC) has provided cataloging support for libraries throughout the state. The CMC manually reconciles and upgrades bibliographic records and sets OCLC holdings for Illinois' consortial catalogs also known as Local Library System Automation Programs (LLSAPs).

The CMC also provides the following services:

As a result of CMC activities, library users have improved access to discover the resources of Illinois' LLSAP libraries; greater ease in access results in an improved capacity to share resources between libraries; and training results in an improved cataloging competence on the part of Illinois libraries.

The CMC is administered by the Illinois Heartland Library System.

Range of Awards

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The CMC grant application is being offered in advance of the provision of the state budget for fiscal year (FY) 2021. The Illinois State Library makes grant applications available so that award notification may be released when legislative and gubernatorial approval of an FY 2021 appropriation is made. Obligations to fund this grant program will cease immediately without penalty or further payment being required if the Illinois General Assembly or the federal funding source fails to appropriate or otherwise make available sufficient funds.

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Program Impact

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A primary responsibility of the CMC is the manual reconciliation of bibliographic records that could not be machine matched with OCLC records during holdings batch load so that all holding of LLSAPs throughout the state are accurately reflected in OCLC. As such, the CMC supplies high quality OCLC records to the LLSAPs to replace substandard local bibliographic records, thus improving access to information resources regardless of users’ approach to searching.

Detailed, descriptive data and digital identification (metadata), facilitate the discovery of relevant online information and providing that data an important role of the CMC. The CMC supports statewide initiatives that require cataloging, transcription, digitalization and/or metadata expertise, such as the Illinois History–Digital Imaging Grant Projects, to ensure statewide access for sharing resources.

The CMC provides original and upgraded cataloging of eligible collections, a service that many libraries find crucial for providing access to works of local authors, local history and genealogical materials, along with other resources of local or special interest. In addition, the CMC helps fulfill an educational need of Illinois librarians’ by offering cataloging/RDA training and by answering individuals’ cataloging questions.

The CMC participates in two cooperative cataloging efforts of the Library of Congress: Program for Cooperative Cataloging and Name Authority Cooperative Program. These cooperative programs expand access to library collections by providing useful, timely, and cost-effective cataloging that meets mutually-accepted standards and guidelines to maximize shared resources.


For more information about the Cataloging Maintenance Center grant, please call 217-782-7749 or email