Illinois Documents Discard List Procedures Illinois State Library

Reasons, Rules, and Regulations

  1. Documents are held for the minimum five-year retention period.
  2. Tangible documents received through the Illinois State Depository Program that are also available electronically via Electronic Documents of Illinois (EDI) may be discarded according to your library's collection policy after two years without submission on a discard list.
  3. Submit the electronic list of materials to be discarded via the ISL-STATE-DEP email list. Every Illinois state depository is required to subscribe to the Illinois state depository electronic mailing list.
  4. Offers to other libraries via the ISL-STATE-DEP list must include the following information:
    • Issuing Agency
    • Title
    • Date of Publication
    • Volume/Issue numbers for serials
    • Format
  5. Depository libraries are encouraged to offer pre-1967 materials, long runs of serials and unique or notable titles to other libraries if no other Illinois depository claims the material; these materials may be helpful in filling gaps or providing additions for historical collections.
  6. Ephemeral publications (so designated on the depository shipping lists) and any duplicates may be disposed of upon receipt by regular depository libraries according to the library’s collection development policy.
  7. If materials are not claimed via the depository libraries or other libraries, the owning library is encouraged to donate the discarded materials to historical/academic institutions or private citizens at no charge.
  8. If, due to local circumstances, a depository cannot follow the discard guidelines, contact the Illinois State Depository Coordinator:
    Blaine Redemer
    Illinois State Library
    300 S. 2nd St.
    Springfield, IL 62701−1796
    217−557−2619 (fax)