Public Participation at Illinois State Library Meetings Illinois State Library

Rules for Public Comments

December 2012

  1. The meetings of the Illinois State Library’s committees and boards are open to members of the public.
  2. Members of the public have a right to speak at all Illinois State Library committee and board meetings.
  3. At each regular and special open meeting, the members of the public may comment on or ask questions of the committee or board, subject to reasonable constraints.
  4. Members of the public may only speak during their allotted speaking time or if asked a question by a member of the committee or board.
  5. The chair of the committee or board will determine the order of the speakers.
  6. The chair will determine at which point during a meeting an individual from the public may speak. If that person wishes to speak on a particular item on the agenda the chair must allow the person to speak on that matter before a vote is taken on that particular agenda item
  7. Individuals are expected to identify themselves by full name and address, and be brief.
  8. Public comments must pertain to an item on the agenda or to an issue that is relevant to the committee or board's work.
  9. The chair retains the right to stop any speaker who raises issues that are not on the agenda or are not germane to the duties of the committee or board.
  10. Comments by members of the public are limited to five minutes but may be extended upon a vote of the committee or board. A speaker may not cede time to another speaker.
  11. In unusual circumstances, and when the person has given advance notice of the need to speak for a longer period of time, he/she may be allowed to speak for more than five minutes.
  12. The chair may deny the opportunity to speak to a person who has previously addressed the committee or board, if that person is speaking on the same subject that he/she addressed within the past two months.
  13. Members of the public may distribute written materials, including copies of their comments, to the members of the committee or board.
  14. Written copies of comments pertaining to an agenda item from people who are not in attendance at the meeting will not be read aloud at the meeting. If these comments are received by committee or board Illinois State Library staff liaison before the committee or board meeting, they will be distributed to committee or board members before the meeting is called to order.
  15. Members of the public may not bring in signs, banners or other display materials.
  16. Individuals in need of interpreters or other special needs must contact the Illinois State Library at least 24 hours before the meeting. Reasonable accommodations will be made free of charge.
  17. The chair retains the right to stop or remove any speaker who uses profanity, makes threats or is otherwise abusive or disruptive.
  18. Petitions or written correspondence to the committee or board shall be presented to the committee or board at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  19. The committee or board reserves the right to override the above rules in case of emergency or other unforeseen circumstances.

Rules for Attendance by a Means Other Than Physical Presence

Committee meetings may be held in person or virtually, or by a combination of in-person and virtual methods. The ISL is responsible for notifying all members of the meeting method in advance of the meeting. Not all meetings will have a virtual method available for attendance; the ISL will determine whether virtual attendance is appropriate and available for a meeting.