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Personnel Policies

Library Boards have personnel policies in place for a variety of reasons:

  • As a way to orient new employees to the library and to provide answers to questions.
  • To inform employees about library policy, expected behaviors, and legal requirements.
  • To describe the nature of employment within the library.
  • To explain employee and employer’s rights and responsibilities.

The template of personnel policies included in this section provide a starting point in developing a policy manual but are not all-inclusive. New laws, technology trends, and management methods are constantly evolving. Library Boards should realize that any policies will likely need to be changed in the future while other new policies will need to be developed.

The sample policies provided on this page are available in PDF (Portable Document Format), which may be viewed or printed using your browser and Adobe Reader. Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe Reader may be downloaded free from Adobe. Get Adobe Reader.

Sample Personnel Policies

  At Will Employment Policy
  Background Check Policy
  Benefits Policy
  Bloodborne Pathogens Policy
  Confidentiality of Information Policy
  Conflict of Interest and Ethics Policy
  Continuing Education Policy
  Drug-Free Workplace Policy
  Employment of Relatives Policy
  Employee Equal Opportunity Policy
  Government Travel Expense Control Act
  Grievance Procedure Policy
  Harassment Free Workplace
  Immigration Compliance Policy
  Initial Ninety-Day Period
  Leaves Policy
  Meal and Break Policy
  Overtime/Compensatory Time
  Performance Evaluation Policy
  Personnel Policy Acknowledgement and Disclaimer
  Personnel Records
  Recruitment and Appointment Policy
  Safe Working Environment
  Termination of Employment
  Vacation Benefits