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The sample policies provided on this page are available in PDF (Portable Document Format), which may be viewed or printed using your browser and Adobe Reader. Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe Reader may be downloaded free from Adobe. Get Adobe Reader.

Sample Policies

  Code of Ethics of the American Library Association
  Collection Management Policy
  Disposal of Surplus Property Policy
  Division of Responsibilities Policy
  Electronic Meetings Policy
  Ethics Statement for Public Library Trustees (American Library Association)
  Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Policy
  Friends of the Library Policy
  General Operations Policy
  Indemnification and Insurance Policy
  Identity Protection Policy
  Library Board Bylaws
  Library Board Member Oath of Office
  Library Strategic/Long Range Plan/Mission Statement
  Local Records Retention Policy
  Minutes of Closed Meeting
  Open Meetings Act (OMA)
  Prevailing Wage Policy
  Secretary's Certificate Minutes – District Library
  Secretary's Certificate Minutes – Local Library
  Volunteer Policy