Administrative Read Reference

Public Libraries and the Law


Local libraries are regulated in their purchasing practices by the Municipal Purchasing Act [65 ILCS 5/8-9-1 et seq.] which governs the municipality and requires competitive bidding for most purchasing. In the event any library, local or public district, seeks to avail itself of the Governmental Joint Purchasing Act [30 ILCS 525/1] and make some or all of its purchases jointly with the State or other units of local government, then competitive sealed bids are required.

The Public Library District Act requires public bidding (i.e. preparation of specifications, advertisement for bids, letting to the lowest responsible bidder, and security for the performance of the bids, for certain types of contracts). When the cost of building construction, remodeling, repair, improvement, erection of an addition, or the purchase of the necessary equipment for such is in excess of $25,000, the contracts for such improvements or purchases must be publicly bid.

Guidance for purchasing practices, at least by analogy to State agencies, is typically found in the Illinois Procurement Code [30 ILCS 500/1 et seq.].