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Conflict of Interest

The Illinois Statute governing conflicts of interest prohibits any public official from having any interest "in any contract or the performance of any work in the making or letting of which such officers may be called upon to act or vote" [50 ILCS 105/3 et seq.]. This provision is not avoided by a board member abstaining from voting. If the said member has an interest in the outcome, then he or she is in violation of the statute. The statute also prohibits accepting or offering to receive money or anything of value as a gift, bribe, or means of influence.

Board members may also not serve simultaneously in two governmental positions that are "incompatible." Board members may not accept or solicit bribes of tender, property, or personal advantage that influences the performance of the public officer’s duties. Board members who commit official misconduct, defined as knowingly performing an act forbidden by law or failure to perform mandatory duties, are subject to felony charges.