Welcome to Administrative Ready Reference, 3rd Edition

For over a decade, the Administrative Ready Reference has served as a valuable resource, used by public library administrators, board members and trustees to answer library administration and governance questions. The Administrative Ready Reference includes detailed information devoted to public library law, policies and ordinances. Legal consultant, Phil Lenzini is the principal contributor of the information contained in the Administrative Ready Reference. However, many others throughout Illinois and within the Illinois State Library have also added content to this site.

The 3rd edition has been completely updated with new resources, policies and additional content. Ensuring access to the most current information, updates to the Administrative Ready Reference will be made, as needed, to reflect new public library policies and law changes.

Any comments or concerns about the Administrative Ready Reference should be addressed to the Library Development Group, Illinois State Library, 300 S. Second Street, Springfield, Illinois, 800-665-5576, option 2.

A special thank you to Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White and former Illinois State Library Director Anne Craig for making this project possible through the award of federal LSTA funding.