FAQ Index

What information is required to request a public act or legislative debate?
Your request for public acts must contain the public act number. Public acts are not researched by subject matter. For legislative debates and histories, a requestor must have the Illinois General Assembly House or Senate bill number.

Who needs to register as a lobbyist?
Companies that have individual employees who will be lobbying on their behalf, or have retained outside lobbyists or lobbying entities to lobby on their behalf, are required to register as a lobbying entity. Each calendar year, lobbyist registration is required on or before January 31 if the lobbying entity and its exclusive lobbyists are continuing from the previous year; otherwise, lobbying entities and exclusive lobbyists must register before any service is performed that requires registration, but in any event no later than two business days after being employed or retained.

Who handles allegations of wrongdoing by lobbyists?
The Secretary of State's Inspector General enforces the Lobbyist Registration Act, and complaints may be filed at ReportItNow.net.

Who handles allegations of misconduct by notaries public?
The Secretary of State administers the Notary Public Act, but complaints of misconduct must be filed with a law enforcement agency, the Attorney General or a State's Attorney's office.

Who has to file a Statement of Economic Interest?
The Governmental Ethics Act requires elected officials and certain state employees with supervisory duties or authority over state contracts/funds to file annual statements. The Department of Index sends out reminder notices to employees identified by state agency ethics officers.