Safe Driver Qualifications Driver Services

For questions regarding Safe Driver Renewal, please call 217-782-6212.

The Safe Driver Renewal Program allows Illinois residents to renew their driver's license over the telephone, online or through the mail. If you are eligible, a renewal letter regarding the Safe Driver Program will be sent approximately 60 days prior to the expiration of your current driver's license. You are unable to participate in this program if any of the following statements pertain to you.

  1. You hold a Commercial Driver's License (CDL).
  2. Your driver's license or privilege to obtain a driver's license is suspended, revoked, cancelled or refused in any state.
  3. You are not between the ages of 22 and 74.
  4. Your license has been expired more than one (1) year.
  5. You participated in the Safe Driver Renewal program at your last renewal.
  6. You have already renewed.
  7. You are required to submit an updated medical and/or vision report.
  8. You are a School Bus Permit holder.
  9. Your driving record reflects any conviction, supervision, accident and/or withdrawal.
  10. You have been prescribed corrective lenses (eyeglasses/contacts) for driving since your last renewal.
  11. You wish to change the classification or restrictions on your driver's license.
  12. You hold a driver's license in any other state.
  13. Your driver's license is being held by a court in lieu of bail.
  14. Your legal name or gender has changed.
  15. You are an honorably discharged U.S. veteran and wish to have that designation added to your driver's license.