New Driver Driver Services

Who is a New Driver?

A first time driver may be a 16 year old who holds an instruction permit and who has completed Driver Education. They may or may not have to take the drive exam, as some high schools administer the road exam.

A first time driver could also include an adult who has never previously been licensed. If they are between 18-21 they have to complete a 6-hour adult driver education course. If over 21, no Driver Education is required.

Applicants who have recently moved to Illinois and hold a valid license from their former state may continue to drive on their out-of-state driver's license for a period of 90 days from the date they become an Illinois resident.

Instruction Permits for teens will also be issued starting June 1st. If a teen is enrolled in a high school driver education class, they may not need to visit a SOS facility, as the high school Driver Education instructor may administer the written test, submit the Instruction Permit application to SOS and then distribute the Instruction Permits to the teens. The teen and/or parent should check with their high school Driver Education instructor to determine how to obtain an Instruction Permit. Teens enrolled in a commercial driving school are required to visit to a SOS facility to obtain an IP.