Hazardous Materials Endorsement (H) Driver Services

The Illinois Secretary of State's office adheres to the federally mandated fingerprinting and background records check requirement for obtaining a Hazardous Materials Endorsement established by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) applicants and CDL holders who wish to obtain or maintain a Hazardous Materials (H) or Combined Tank/Hazardous Materials (X) Endorsement must have a TSA security threat assessment on file prior to taking the written test for the endorsement. The hazardous material endorsement test and the security threat assessment are both required at every renewal for all CDL holders with the H or X endorsement who wish to maintain the endorsement. When renewing a CDL with a H or X endorsement, the driver must begin the process 60 days prior to the expiration date on the CDL.

All out of state CDL holders that are transferring into Illinois and wish to obtain an Illinois CDL with an H or X endorsement must either provide proof of a current TSA security threat assessment or secure a new approval prior to being permitted to take the written test for the endorsement. The current TSA security threat assessment expiration date must match or be greater than the expiration date of the new Illinois CDL. If the date does not match or is not greater, then driver will be required to complete a new security threat assessment and receive approval, prior to an Illinois CDL being issued with the H or X endorsement.

If a driver no longer wishes to maintain the H or X endorsement on their CDL then the TSA security threat assessment in NOT required for renewing their CDL.

Effective February 7, 2022, applicants for a Hazardous Materials Endorsement (H) must complete entry level driver training prior to taking the hazardous materials written test. Please see Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) for more information.

Obtaining a TSA Security Threat Assessment

Universal Enrollment Services (UES) coordinates the Hazmat Threat Assessment Program for TSA. Please follow the steps below to apply for a security threat assessment. Applicants who have or are applying for a H or X endorsement for their Illinois CDL will not be able to obtain the endorsement until a security threat assessment clearance has been received by the Illinois Secretary of State's office.

The issuance or renewal of a CDL with an H or X endorsement is prohibited until approval is granted by TSA. After receiving notification from TSA, the Illinois Secretary of State, will notify you to visit a Secretary of State CDL Facility for the applicable testing and the issuance of the CDL with the proper endorsement.