Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Scheduling Driver Services

To schedule a CDL appointment online, you must either:

All CDL holders and applicants must provide CDL Proof of Legal Presence when applying for, upgrading, transferring or renewing a CDL. This includes applicants conducting CDL skills/drive testing and any holder/applicant that has not provided this information since 7/1/2015. No applicant can be processed without the appropriate documents.

All applicants who hold an Illinois CLP will be required by federal law to wait 14 days from the issue date of their CLP to conduct any skills/drive testing. Once they have received their CLP, the applicant is permitted to schedule in advance of the 14 days, but not allowed to select a test date within the 14 day waiting period. Any time an applicant receives a corrected CLP issued by adding/removing an endorsement or restriction a new waiting period will be required.

All CDL applicants must bring a representative vehicle of the proper class with the proper equipment to conducting the testing to obtain the CDL for the vehicle they desire to operate.

Please allow 48 hours for your appointment to be registered in the system. If you fail the exam, you may not reschedule for at least 48 hours. You may schedule only one appointment at a time.

To schedule an appointment by phone or for more information, please call 217-785-3013 (option #4), Mon.- Fri. 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

If you will not be attending your appointment, please cancel your appointment, as soon as possible, online or by calling the phone number above.