Assistance for Victims of Violent Crimes Court of Claims

Statutory Authorization

New Legislation
Section 18.5 of the Crime Victim Compensation Act mandates vendors that provide hospital, medical, dental or counseling services to a crime victim as a direct result of the crime to cease all debt collection activities for a related debt while a compensation claim is pending. 740 ILCS 45/18.5 If payment is denied in whole or in part by the Court of Claims, vendors may resume debt collection activities 45 days after the date of the court's order. 740 ILCS 45/18.5 (d) The Court of Claims will automatically notify vendors if there is an award order. However, for vendors to receive notice of a denial order, fill out the Request for Notification of Denial of Compensation Claim Form found at the following link:

Through the Illinois Crime Victim's Compensation Act, the Court of Claims administers funding to victims of violent crimes who have inadequate insurance or no source of funds to cover expenses resulting from the crime, including medical bills, counseling, lost wages and other expenses.

To be eligible for assistance: The following are some of the crimes covered by the Illinois Crime Victims Compensation Act. There is a $27,000 award cap for uncovered expenses, including:

If you are a victim of a violent crime, please contact the Illinois Attorney General's office at 800-228-3368 for assistance in completing your application. You may also contact the Illinois Court of Claims Clerk's office in Springfield at 217-782-7101 or in Chicago at 312-814-5010. Help is also available through the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault or the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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