Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request Court of Claims

The Freedom of Information Act Handbook (coming soon) provides all information you need to make a FOIA request to the Illinois Secretary of State's Office Court of Claims. You will need to fill out and submit the Freedom of Information Act Request Form.

Pre-2006 Records/Files/Documents

Be advised that all requests for records prior to 2006 are archived in the State of Illinois Archives, and upon receipt of your request, by way of this notice you are advised that we will need an extension of time beyond the initial five days required by statute for us to response so that we may retrieve those records.

Records/Files from 2006 to Present

For materials requested that are from 2006 forward, our office will provide those to any member of the public by use of an encrypted secured file share with a password.

Logistics for Records/ Files/ Documents Transmittal

Effective November 1, 2015, all FOIA requests which are granted for inspection or copies of documents will be provided to the requestor by email only through an encrypted secured file share. Those documents will be made available and accessible to the requestor for 60 days. You will be given a password upon receipt of the email address to which you want to those files transmitted. In that way, the Requestor may at his/ her convenience, inspect and/ or download such materials.

Request Approval Process

These records/ files/ documents can be provided, only when the request is approved by the party to whom all FOIA requests sent to the Illinois Secretary of State have designated for that purpose. The Secretary of State's Office, Court of Claims does not have discretion to grant or disallow any specific requests.