Genealogical Research Illinois State Archives

Researching your ancestors and the history of your community can be fun and rewarding. By learning more about your family's history, you will have a better understanding of who you are and your heritage. You can begin by viewing, printing, and entering information on the Record of Ancestry chart. You can verify your entries by consulting the original records of these events. Contact your local library for books about the fundamentals of genealogy, and the names and addresses of local genealogical and historical societies.

To submit a genealogical research inquiry electronically to the State Archives, please use the Archives Reference Request form. You also may submit an inquiry by mail, fax, email, phone or in person. Please request no more than two specific names or items per mailing and wait for a response to your initial request before submitting another one. Please consult the section specific to your inquiry to determine what information and fees are required for an effective search of a particular record.

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