Local Records Disposal Certificate Illinois State Archives

A Local Records Disposal Certificate must be filed with and approved by the Local Records Commission before any records may be destroyed.

Send the Local Records Disposal Certificate to the Local Records Commission, Illinois State Archives, thirty (30) days prior to the disposal date. Retain a copy for your file until an approved copy is returned to your agency. Do not dispose of materials until the approved copy of the Local Records Disposal Certificate is returned to your agency in compliance with Section 4000.40(c) of the rules of the Downstate Local Records Commission and Section 4500.40(c) of the rules of the Cook County Local Records Commission. If you need help in filling out this form or need a paper copy sent to your agency, call 217-782-7075.

We recommend that the State Records Disposal Certificate and its supplemental page be downloaded and saved before it is completed and printed.

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