Circuit Clerk's Security Microfilm Transfer Sheet Illinois State Archives

The Illinois State Archives will accept for security deposit only microfilm (negative copies) of Circuit Clerk records for which the appropriate Local Records Commission has established permanent retention periods.

No microfilm will be accepted for transfer to the Illinois State Archives for security purposes unless accompanied by a Circuit Clerk Security Microfilm Transfer Sheet. Any microfilm that arrives without the completed form will be returned to the Circuit Clerk’s office.

Because of the legal importance of records maintained on security microfilm, the Circuit Clerk Security Microfilm Transfer Sheet requires that the records be documented in detail. This aids the transferring Circuit Clerk’s office in giving a clear account of those records that have been placed on security microfilm and are available for use. It also assists the State Archives in servicing the records by supplying easier access to the microfilm being held for the Circuit Clerk’s office.


The transferring Circuit Clerk’s office must complete all unshaded portions of the form. The shaded portions will be completed by the State Archives.

  1. The name of the county whose records have been microfilmed must be completed, along with the mailing address, and the name and telephone number of the agency personnel to be contacted concerning the records. If the receipt for the microfilm is to be sent to an office other than the one whose records are being microfilmed, that office and its address must be indicated in the proper space.
  2. The total number of rolls being transferred must appear in the "Total Rolls Submitted This Date" box.
  3. The official responsible for meeting the microfilm requirements of the Local Records Commission must sign and complete the certification portion with his/her name (printed or typed) and title.
  4. Each roll of microfilm must be numbered separately and listed consecutively on the Transfer Sheet. List the title of the records. The records at the start and end of the roll also must be listed to aid in locating a particular item on the roll. This may consist of a beginning and ending date for each roll, the volume and page number at the beginning and ending of the roll, the inclusive letters of the alphabet or names, the inclusive dates or other similar information.
    Roll ID No.
    (number each roll)
    Title of Records Start of Roll
    (date, page no., etc.)
    End of Roll
    (date, page no., etc.)
    1 Will Record July 8, 1842 Sept. 11, 1849
    2 Criminal Case Record July 10, 1972 Jan. 12, 1973
    3 Probate Records 1905 1911
  5. Acknowledgment for receipt of the microfilm will be completed by State Archives staff. A signed copy will be returned to the Circuit Clerk’s office.

The forms below should be used for all transfers of microfilm to the State Archives. If you need help in filling out this form or need a paper copy sent to your office, call 217-782-4866.

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