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This database indexes the names of 412 militiamen found on 1827 company rosters of the 20th Regiment of mounted volunteer riflemen included in the record series, Militia Files (RS 301.004). This unit, raised in Sangamon and Morgan counties under the command of Colonel Thomas M. Neale, proceeded to Peoria to complete its organization. The militiamen then traveled to the Galena vicinity, where the regiment disbanded. This military action also became known as the Fever River Expedition.

This database was compiled and donated to the Archives by Fred Delap, a volunteer with the Edgar County Genealogical Library. Mr. Delap has also indexed veterans of the Black Hawk, Mexican, Civil, and Spanish-American Wars as well as those of the War of 1812.


  • 1LT — First Lieutenant
  • 1SGT — First Sergeant
  • 2LT — Second Lieutenant
  • ADJ — Adjutant
  • ASURG — Assistant Surgeon
  • COL — Colonel
  • CPL — Corporal
  • CPT — Captain
  • LTC — Lieutenant Colonel
  • MAJ — Major
  • MUS — Musician
  • PAY — Paymaster
  • PVT — Private
  • QM — Quartermaster
  • QMSGT — Quartermaster Sergeant
  • SGM — Sergeant Major
  • SGT — Sergeant
  • SURG — Surgeon


Researchers can obtain photocopies of the veteran's entry in the original muster rolls. For each veteran, the record includes his name, rank, company, dates of entering and leaving service, and remarks such as discharge, death, or promotion. If you would like to request an unofficial and uncertified copy of the veteran's entry from the record series, Militia Files (RS 301.004), please include his name, company, and war of service as well as your mailing address. As a result of limitations on staff research time, the Archives can research no more than two name searches per request. Send your request to:
Illinois State Archives
Reference Unit
Margaret Cross Norton Building
Capitol Complex
Springfield, Illinois 62756
217-524-3930 (fax)
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