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United Spanish War Veterans Memorial at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield This database of Illinois Spanish–American War Veterans indexes the portion of the ninth volume of the nine volume publication, Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois, which lists veterans of that war. (The remainder of the ninth and the other eight volumes list veterans of the Black Hawk, Mexican, and Civil Wars.) This 1902 publication, originating from the rosters maintained by the Illinois Adjutant General, is the result of an 1899 Illinois statute mandating that the rosters of Illinois volunteers be printed. The names of approximately 11,000 men, organized into 10 regiments, are found in its pages. The volume includes a roster and history for each regiment.

The database was created and donated to the Illinois State Archives by Fred Delap of Kansas, Illinois. Delap, a volunteer with the Edgar County Genealogical Library, has also indexed the names of Illinois veterans of the War of 1812, Winnebago War, Black Hawk War, Mexican War, and Civil War.


  • 1LT — 1st Lieutenant
  • 1SG — 1st Sergeant
  • 2LT — 2nd Lieutenant
  • 2SG — 2nd Sergeant
  • ART — Artificer (Rank)
  • ART — Artillery (Unit)
  • ASUR — Assistant Surgeon
  • BLKS — Blacksmith
  • CAV — Cavalry
  • CHAP — Chaplain
  • CMUS — Chief Musician
  • COL — Colonel
  • CPL — Corporal
  • CPT — Captain
  • FAR — Farrier
  • HOST — Hospital Steward
  • INF — Infantry
  • LTC — Lieutenant
  • MAJ — Major
  • MUS — Musician
  • PMUS — Principal Musician
  • PVT — Private
  • QM — Quartermaster
  • QMSG — Quartermaster Sergeant
  • SAD — Saddler
  • SGT — Sergeant
  • SURG — Surgeon
  • TEAM — Teamster
  • WAG — Wagoner


The researcher can use the regiment number and company letter from this index to obtain further information on a veteran from the record series, Muster Out Rolls (RS 301.089). The rolls, arranged by regiment and thereunder by company, provide for each soldier: name, rank; date, place, and term of enrollment; name of enrolling officer; places of residence and discharge; and amounts of pay, travel and reimbursement due. The original records have been duplicated in the unindexed published four volume set Adjutant General's Report Containing The Complete Muster Out Rolls of the Illinois Volunteers Who Served in the Spanish-American War,1898-1899 (Springfield, 4 vols., 1902). Additional information is available from the record series, Muster In Rolls (RS 301.087), which also provides each soldier's age, birthplace, eye and hair color, complexion, height, marital status, occupation, and name and address of the soldier's nearest relative. Archives staff can photocopy no more than 2 entries per request. Send your request to:
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