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This database indexes the names of Illinois Mexican War veterans appearing in the ninth volume of the publication, Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois (1902). In 1881 U. S. War Department clerks transcribed the Illinois rosters from their records and sent copies to the Adjutant General for publication. The 1882 Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois first included Mexican War veterans. The names of approximately 6,500 men, organized into the First through the Fourth Regiments and four independent companies, are found in the 1882 report and the 1902 republication. As the Fifth and Sixth Regiments did not see active service, the publications do not include rosters for these units.

The database was created and donated to the Illinois State Archives by Fred Delap of Kansas, Illinois. Delap, a volunteer with the Edgar County Genealogical Library, has also indexed the names of veterans of the War of 1812 and Black Hawk, Civil, and Spanish–American Wars.


  • 1LT — First Lieutenant
  • 1SGT — First Sergeant
  • 2LT — Second Lieutenant
  • 2SGT — Second Sergeant
  • 3LT — Third Lieutenant
  • 3SGT — Third Sergeant
  • AACS — Acting Assistant Commissary of Subsistence
  • AAQM — Acting Assistant Quartermaster
  • AASU — Acting Assistant Surgeon
  • ACS — Assistant Commissary of Subsistence
  • ADJ — Adjutant
  • AQM — Assistant Quartermaster
  • ASUR — Assistant Surgeon
  • BUG — Bugler
  • COL — Colonel
  • CPL — Corporal
  • CPT — Captain
  • DRUM — Drummer
  • FAR — Farrier
  • FIFE — Fife Player
  • FOOT — Foot Soldier
  • HQ — Headquarters
  • INF — Infantry
  • LT — Lieutenant
  • LTC — Lieutenant Colonel
  • MAJ — Major
  • MUS — Musician
  • PMUS — Principal Musician
  • PVT — Private
  • QMSG — Quartermaster Sergeant
  • SGM — Sergeant Major
  • SGT — Sergeant
  • SURG — Surgeon


The researcher can use the regiment number and company letter or independent company name from this index to request a photocopy of the individual's entry from the published report. For each soldier, the book's entries generally include name, rank, company and regiment, places and dates of enlistment and discharge, and dated remarks concerning discharge, illness, appointment, transfer, injury and death. Unfortunately the report originates from the 1881 transcriptions which have been found to be "grossly inaccurate." The transcriptions are maintained in the Archives' record series Mexican War Records, (RS 301.008). As a matter of verification, the researcher is advised to request that the National Archives examine its indexes to Illinois veterans of this war. Their address is Washington, DC 20408. Send your request to:
Illinois State Archives
Reference Unit
Margaret Cross Norton Building
Capitol Complex
Springfield, Illinois 62756
217-524-3930 (fax)
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