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This database of Black Hawk War Veterans indexes the first volume of Ellen M. Whitney's The Black Hawk War 1831-1832. That volume contains a comprehensive listing of Illinois' Black Hawk War soldiers. It includes the muster rolls for all of the 1831 and 1832 companies including 2 Indian companies. Approximately 1800 men served in the 1831 campaign and 9000 in the 1832 campaign. The Illinois State Historical Library possesses in either original or on microfilm the records from which this information was extracted.

The listing of veterans in Whitney's publication is far more complete and accurate than the listing found in the ninth volume of the 1902 Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois. The Archives possesses the 1881 transcriptions, produced from official rolls in Washington, DC, from which the information was taken to produce the 1902 report. The transcriptions comprise the Archives' record series, Black Hawk War Records (RS 301.007).

The database was created and donated to the Illinois State Archives by Fred Delap of Kansas, Illinois. Delap, a volunteer with the Edgar County Genealogical Library, has also indexed the names of Illinois veterans of the War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War and Spanish-American War.


  • 1LT — First Lieutenant
  • 2LT — Second Lieutenant
  • 3LT — Third Lieutenant
  • ADJ — Adjutant
  • AID — Aide
  • ARM — Armorer
  • BEA — Color Bearer
  • BUG — Bugler
  • COL — Colonel
  • COM — Asst. Commissary
  • COR — Coronet
  • CPL — Corporal
  • CPT — Captain
  • DRU — Drummer
  • FAR — Farrier
  • FIF — Fife Player
  • FOR — Forage Master
  • GEN — General
  • GOV — Governor
  • GUN — Gunsmith
  • HOS — Hospital Steward
  • IN — Infantry
  • INS — Inspector
  • LT — Lieutenant
  • LTC — Lieutenant Colonel
  • MAJ — Major
  • MAT — Matron
  • MV — Mounted Volunteer
  • MUS — Musician
  • ODD — Unassigned Colonel
  • ORD — Orderly
  • PAY — Paymaster
  • PVT — Private
  • QM — Quartermaster
  • SAD — Saddler
  • SGM — Sergeant Major
  • SGT — Sergeant
  • SP — Spies
  • SUR — Surgeon, Asst. Surgeon, Surgeon Mate
  • TRU — Trumpeter
  • WAG — Wagon Master


Since the Archives record series, Black Hawk War Records (RS 301.007) has been found to be grossly inaccurate, the Archives provides copies of the soldier's entry in Whitney's book. For each veteran, the book's entries generally include name, rank, unit, place and dates of enrollment, and remarks concerning his service. The information following the rolls includes additional history on the unit and its individuals. As a result of limitations on staff research time, no more than two names can be searched per request. When making a request, please include your postal mailing address as well as the soldier's name, unit, place of enrollment, and war of service. Send your request to:
Illinois State Archives
Reference Unit
Margaret Cross Norton Building
Capitol Complex
Springfield, Illinois 62756
217-524-3930 (fax)
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