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In 1996 ISHRAB conducted a survey of archival repositories in Illinois for the Council of State Historical Records Coordinators. The board used the data from that survey to develop Preserving the Records of Illinois' Past for the Benefit of the Present and the Future: A Strategic Plan. One of the goals established in the plan was to use the data to create a directory of archival repositories for the entire State of Illinois. This compilation will give Illinois archivists a way to locate other archivists in the state to exchange ideas and concerns. It will serve as a tool for researchers to use in locating appropriate research centers. In addition to the information already collected in the 1996 survey, ISHRAB used a variety of other sources to update the data on hand (e.g., newsletter publicity, Web sites, mailing lists, etc.). One important source of information came from the Chicago Area Archivists Repository Guide.

While this is a large directory of archival repositories in the state of Illinois, it is by no means comprehensive. To submit a new listing or corrections and/or updates to an existing listing, please submit a Submission Form online or fill out and mail a Submission Form.

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