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Requirements for Obtaining Driving Relief

Prior to attending a hearing for driving relief, you should request a consultation with an informal hearing officer at select Driver Services facilities regarding the hearing process and necessary requirements. No appointment is necessary. The informal hearing officer will advise you of your eligibility and required documentation. Once you have obtained the required documentation, you should have an informal hearing officer review prior to your scheduled hearing to ensure that you have met all requirements prior to your hearing. In the event that you have to withdraw your initial petition, a new petition requires an additional filing fee. Reviews are conducted on a walk-in basis, however, please call the facility location prior to visiting to confirm the availability of an informal hearing officer. In addition to the following requirements, your entire driving record and the seriousness of the offense(s) for which you lost your driving privileges will be considered. Following are minimum requirements of obtaining driving relief as provided by the Illinois Vehicle Code:

  1. You must present evidence of efforts to reform your driving practices and demonstrate that you are capable of being a safe and responsible driver. If the loss of your driving privileges was due to a DUI or involved the use of alcohol or drugs, you also must meet the requirements set out in the Alcohol/Drug-Related Hearings section.
  2. You must not have a pending ticket before any court.
  3. You may not apply for reinstatement of your driving privileges until you have reached your projected eligibility date as stated in your Order of Revocation, and, if issued a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP) at a previous hearing, until you have operated successfully on that permit for at least 75 percent of the term of the permit.
  4. If you are not eligible for reinstatement or if you are suspended, you may apply for an RDP for any of the following purposes if you are eligible: employment, education, daycare, medical, community service and support group attendance.
  5. To be eligible for an RDP, you must comply with requirements #1 and #2 above and show that without any driving privileges, an undue hardship exists in performing one of the purposes listed in #4 above. An undue hardship exists when there is no reasonable means of alternate transportation available to you such as bus, train, cab, friends, family or walking, and is not simply an inconvenience to not be able to drive.

For more information regarding hearings, please visit the Formal Hearings section or Informal Hearings section. You also may contact an informal hearing officer at a Secretary of State facility.

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