Alcohol/Drug-Related Hearings Adminstrative Hearings

In all alcohol/drug-related cases, certain documentation must be presented at the time of a hearing to be considered for driving relief (Restricted Driving Permit (RDP) and/or Reinstatement). Please be completely prepared for your hearing. A continuance will not be granted if you do not have proper documentation. You must have no pending traffic tickets at the time of your hearing, unless the pending ticket is the only cause of the current loss of driving privileges.


You must submit an Alcohol/Drug Evaluation Report, completed after your most recent DUI arrest, by an agency licensed by the Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (DSUPR). This report must include a recitation of your complete alcohol/drug use history. The uniform report evaluation will place you at a specific classification level. Depending on your classification level, you must comply with additional requirements. Completion of the DUI Risk Education Course must occur after the last DUI arrest date. The requirement of the risk education course cannot be waived. Please refer to your classification level below for complete requirements.

Minimal Risk Moderate Risk Significant Risk High Risk — Dependent High Risk — Non-Dependent:

For more information regarding these requirements, please contact a hearing officer at a Secretary of State facility.