Divisions Accounting Revenue

Facility Accounting Division

Audits applications from the Secretary of State Vehicle Services Department and Driver Services Department to ensure proper fees are charged.

Field Services Reciprocity Prorate Audit IRP Division

Conducts field audit exams as designated by law to ensure proper assessment and collection of fees and taxes due.

Refunds Division

Processes refunds for customers for the overpayment or erroneous payment of a statutorily designated fee or tax.

Returned Checks Division

Collects payment and fees for all non-sufficient funds or returned checks charged to the Secretary of State's office.

Revenue Reporting and Fund Management Division

Reports all revenue collected by the Secretary of State's office to the Illinois Comptroller's office and manages the distribution of receipts to various state funds in proportion to their entitlement.

Sales Analysis Division

Balances and reconciles all sales transactions with bank deposits, and ensures the proper amount of monies are collected and made available for distribution by the Revenue Reporting and Fund Management Division.