Secretary of State Jesse White

Corporate Name Availability Inquiry Form

Using the form below, you can now receive a preliminary check of corporate name availability via E-Mail. In order to request such information, please type the proposed corporate name in the space(s) indicated below. You will be limited to three (3) name inquiries per transmittal. Please provide us with your complete E-Mail address so that we may respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. We will attempt to respond to your request by the close of the next business day.

By checking our database, we can tell you if the same name, or a similarly sounding name, is being used by another company registered to do business in Illinois. If the requested name is not currently registered, we will inform you, via E-Mail, that the requested corporate name would appear to be available. Please be advised that this database check is a preliminary check and is not a final confirmation on the availability of the proposed corporate name. If you decide you would like to reserve a corporate name, you will need to complete and submit a Name Reservation form.

BCA 4.10 For Business Corporations

NFP 104.10 For Not for Profit Corporations

Alternatively, a preliminary check of corporate name availability may continue to be conducted via telephone by calling (217) 782-9521.

Corporate Name Request Form

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