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Name of Respondent(s) Date Type of Action File Number
Patricia Bisch Green November 04, 2003 Order Of Revocation 0200857
Quarters Only Inc. November 04, 2003 Summary Order To Cease And Desist 0300715
Adam Mosslih November 05, 2003 Consent Order Of Withdrawal 0300164
N.Y.P.P.E. L.L.C. November 05, 2003 Consent Order Of Dismissal 0300771
Investment Solution Inc. November 06, 2003 Consent Order Of Dismissal 0300778
Bryant F. Thompson November 12, 2003 Consent Order Of Revocation 0300664
Vincent Joseph Puma November 18, 2003 Notice Of Hearing 0300814
M.L.C. Ventures L.L.C. November 20, 2003 Consent Order Of Dismissal 0300775
Steve Wireman November 21, 2003 Consent Order 0200872
Wes Becker November 21, 2003 Consent Order Of Prohibition 0200961
A.B.R. World Credit,
Toni Stephens
November 24, 2003 Order Of Prohibition 0300714
Mercator Associates L.L.C. November 24, 2003 Order Of Cancellation 0300776
Polite And Company,
Philip Lee Polite
November 26, 2003 Consent Order Of Censure 0300194
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