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Name of Respondent(s) Date Type of Action File Number
David G. Rincon May 01, 2008 Consent Order Of Withdrawal 0700431
Gary Goldman,
Global Enterprises Network Inc.,
International Quality Leadership Institute
May 02, 2008 Consent Order Of Prohibition 0700365
Eric W. Mason May 03, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0800211
George Warren Ingram May 05, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0600600
Gregory A. Eastman May 05, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0700453
Raul Marrero,
Reeden Capital Group Inc.,
Multi Family Three L.L.C.
May 05, 2008 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 0600524
The Loan Shoppe Inc.,
The Loan Shoppe L.L.P.,
Charles Eugene Carver
May 07, 2008 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 0500211
Steven R. Lewit,
Marty P. Nevel
May 07, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0700555
Richard F. Farrell May 08, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0800095
Steve Amella,
Tracy N. Karch,
I.B.P. Funding Unlimited,
D/B/A Club 45
May 12, 2008 Order Of Prohibition 0500234
Thomas David Lesniak Sr.,
Logiquote Inc.
May 12, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0600433
Colette J. Rinehart May 13, 2008 Summary Order Of Denial 0800225
Nusheen R. Javadizadeh May 13, 2008 Consent Order Of Fine 0800066
Richum Corporation,
A/K/A The Richum Group,
Douglas Erickson
May 13, 2008 Order Of Prohibition 0500241
R.J.J. Pasadena Securities Inc. May 13, 2008 Consent Order Of Fine 0700564
Trend Management Group Inc.,
Trend Capital L.L.C.,
Raymond W. Anderson
May 13, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0700002
Stephen Walker May 15, 2008 Amended Notice Of Hearing 0700019
Paul Andrew Niess May 19, 2008 Order Of Revocation 0400211
Don Lapre,
The Greatest Vitamin In The World
May 20, 2008 Order To Cease And Desist 0600436
Financial Advisors & Associates May 20, 2008 Order Of Prohibition 0800088
Independent Wealth Solutions L.L.C. May 20, 2008 Order To Cease And Desist 0700421
Jack D. Seibald May 20, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0800196
John S. Cho May 22, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0800230
Moneyfacts Inc.,
Timothy Shawn Dunn
May 23, 2008 Temporary Order Of Prohibition And Suspension 0700512
Kelly J. Woitel May 27, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0600174
Marilyn R. O'Leary May 27, 2008 Itonsent Order Of Revocation 0600148
Patrick T. Mcguire Jr. May 27, 2008 Order Of Prohibition 0700580
Stale Wide Lenders May 28, 2008 Order Of Prohibition 0700493
Franco Hernandez May 29, 2008 Consent Order 0600276
Gilbert Alan Cardillo May 30, 2008 Consent Order Of Withdrawal Of Application 0700115
Horizon Technologies L.L.C. May 30, 2008 Order To Cease And Desist 0800216
Jack D. Seibald May 30, 2008 Order Of Dismissal 0800196
Eagles Wing Publishing Company Inc.,
Lawrence J. Cline
May 30, 2008 Consent Order 0600070
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